Why did you write this book? In 2013 I discovered that my own private ‘prep’ school, Ashdown House, was the subject of a police investigation into multiple abuses there in the 1970s. I wrote an account of my experiences there, and looked too at the many other stories emerging  from the schools of Britain’s elite.

The hundreds of emails I got in response painted a picture of an enormous scandal, which touched many of Britain’s most famous schools – and shed light on some elemental problems across all of British society. Cover-up is endemic in British institutions, private and public, from the BBC and NHS to Barclays Bank: the bizarre education of the ruling class must be one of the reasons behind that.

The book goes back into history to see how Britain’s upper class has always known about the problems and the crimes in their schools, and worked to ignore them or colluded in covering them up. That’s called keeping a stiff upper lip.

Will there be better Qs in this FAQ? Yes, there will.